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meet Morghan ! here is a few fun facts --->

- went to school at Oregon State University while being a cheerleader and receiving a business degree in business entrepreneurship... plot twist happened and decided to use creative ability by pursuing hair license for the state of Oregon

- passion for the beauty industry + fashion + design + visual design + anything different, unique, edgy, and fun

- LOVE anything artistic

-obsessed with beauty related stuff

-personality type  : all over the place,  carefree, open, fun

- just trying to GROW MY BRAND, enjoy my life , and inspire young souls to follow there dreams and passions


- your never too young to follow your dreams and passions

- internships help you decide what you truly LOVE to do

- EDUCATION is key 

- habit salon training + 901 classes in LA  + Sara May trained


about -->
laid back cool space 
where your colorist understands blonde color.
Encouraging healthy locks. foilbalayage + babylights specialist

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